Special Announcement: My next book! Woot!

Feb 4, 2015Find joy today

A few years ago, author Frank Viola told me about a book he wanted to write. Of women in the New Testament meeting Jesus. Real women. Real stories. And the impact these stories can have on all of us. He was searching for a fiction author to add life and vibrancy to these oft-read accounts, and, eventually, he asked if I’d be interested.

I was.

So we collaborated on what is now called The Day I Met Jesus. I wrote the stories, keeping close to the biblical narrative and holding good scholarship near heart and mind. Frank wrote the application, how these amazing encounters have such huge relevance for us today.

I’m so excited for you to read this book, I could burst. But I also want you to have some cool incentives. So …

Don’t buy it yet. Buy The Day I Met Jesus from Parable Bookstores between March 3-17. (You can do this online; click the link). If you do, you’ll get tons of awesome FREE grow-you-massively-in-Christ content, AND Parable’s price will be less than the online store that has the same name as a river in South America.

Here is some advance praise for the book:

holleygerth“We all long to lift the veil of history and catch a glimpse of the real story–the one that makes our hearts pound, our faith grow, and our lives change. That’s exactly what Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth offer in this compelling book. You will never look at Scripture or God’s work in your own heart the same way again after you close the final page.” Holley Gerth, author of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days


“Jesus, from the very beginning, has been ‘good news for women.’ Perhaps that news has rarely been needed more clearly than in our day. One reads of His encounters with the women described in this book with a sense of wonder that these interactions took place two thousand years ago. He is good news for women still.”  John Ortberg, pastor and author of Who Is This Man? 


“The women you’ve always read about. Now, in real life. This fresh new take on timeless stories of the bible’s fiercest heroines will leave you inspired, empowered, and thrilled for more. Thank you, DeMuth and Viola, for this gift to women everywhere.” Claire Diaz-Ortiz – Silicon Valley Innovator, Author, and Blogger


“Through the stories of five unique women from the gospels, Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth masterfully reveal the truth of Jesus in a riveting, breathtaking way. Each story captivatingly invites you on a journey through pain, rejection, and brokenness and leads you right into the heart of Jesus as He meets each woman in an intimately restorative and loving way, as only Jesus can. This book will minister to the broken places in your heart and leave you longing to know Jesus more deeply.” Derwin L. Gray, Lead Pastor of Transformation Church, Author of Limitless Life: You Are More Than Your Past When God Holds Your Future

I am overjoyed that soon I’ll hold this baby in my hands, and you’ll have the opportunity to re-meet the woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman caught in adultery, the prostitute who loved much, and Mary of Bethany. Stay tuned!