New Mentors added to The Writing Spa

Aug 24, 2009Write!

God’s been doing cool things in my life–painful, but good initiatives. He’s been slowing me down, helping me see that a frenetic pace is not His highest for my life.

In light of that, I’ve hired my two critique partners, D’Ann Mateer and Leslie Wilson to share the mentoring load at The Writing Spa.

We’ve critiqued each other’s work several years now as Life Sentence. As Life Sentence, they’ve reviewed everything I send to the publishers, and are both highly committed to helping writers grow. Both lead the Rockwall Christian Writers Group.

D’Ann is a novelist with a terrific editorial eye for not only the big picture (plotting, setting, character development, etc.), but she is also meticulous about grammar and usage.

Leslie is a published nonfiction writer who taught me how to write a proposal. She’s the reason I’ve been published in nonfiction. Much of the instruction you’ve enjoyed in the nonfiction proposal tutorial comes from her wisdom. She, too, can see the big picture as well as help with technical issues.

Read more about both of them here.

In fact, that’s something unique about The Writing Spa. We provide both a substantive critique and a line edit in our services. That’s like getting two edits with one price point.

We’ve kept our prices the same for those who want to utilize D’Ann and Leslie’s expertise. For my services, the prices are higher.

If you desire to take your writing to the next level, or you can’t figure out why you’re not published yet and you need some help, take a trip to the Writing Spa by scheduling an initial consultation. We look forward to serving you.