Never Let Go of a Dream {Guest post by G.W. Mozley}

Dec 3, 2011Find joy today, Write!

G.W. Mozley emailed me her reaction to a post I wrote about dreams, and I loved it so much, I asked her if she’d tweak it for my readers. May this bless you!

Never let go of a dream God Places in you… Rather embrace the angst of suppression…

Until it’s crystallized with encouragement.

A person should never expect another to remember who you are by one brief momentary encounter. Especially, after attending a conference or convention or seminar where oodles of people demand the attention of the presenter. The public and consuming scenes writers flock to for knowledge, promotion and hope of fulfilling a dream can either overwhelm or influence an aspiring writer, or further the career of the producing writer / author. In spite, we all have been there and done it before the fact of actually knuckling down and just writing.Briefly last May 2010, I met Mary DeMuth at the Orange County Christian Writers Conference after attending one of her presentations. I immediately signed up to be included on her email list. I have enjoyed her newsletters with occasionally clicked to her website/blog, since. But note: I don’t generally write a comment, yet I was so moved with the email message titled Live your Dream, Really! that featured the article: You’re dream isn’t dead, it’s nesting… There was this sharp prode felt that the Lord needed me to share how He used Mary’s message to refresh me as a writer, my dream of writing professionally, and most importantly writing for HIM! The angst of suppression had crystallized and the colors of the prism were vibrant.

When God orchestrates someone to remind you of the words of the song in your heart, it always results the realization, God is still fresh and alive in us for others…

Moreover, yet more rewarding is our reciprocation of the gesture of sharing, by sharing how we are affected. When a ‘dream’ is re-enlivened simply by another person’s thoughts and encouragement, it’s God speaking to you… directly; the heart is moved and we take on a sense of spiritual ignition. Thank you becomes the most powerful set of words, yet they are so simple.

Therefore, my reason for posting. For some time now the disparity of keeping alive what was so vibrant in me, once was gasping leaving me to believe my dream of writing professionally was on its last breath and dying. But…

The article – You’re dream isn’t dead, it’s nesting… was truly an inspiration, reminding me God is still providing a promise for me and others who aspire writing for publication. Having always been a persevering optimist, the fear of never seeing my work published haunted me like the grim reaper.

For the last two+ yrs. life has served such a curve ball in realizing the ‘imagined’ perfect transition, of taking my love of writing that God placed in my heart, to actually getting published and having a writing profession. Unable to mitigate the given circumstance, obedience was the only option. In delusion, I had visions of orchestrating a specific time every day – same time to work on writing, as the ‘dreamed of’ new career and direction would then parallel my assigned responsibilities, and each would weave carefully into a pattern.

The flesh desired to have launched into the arena of professional writing, ‘within the self-prescribed time frame’. Yet obedience took presidency to the assignment of caring for [my] aged mother, now living with us; the blessing disguised with a veil of frustration but is found to be ever-cherished in time, and transformed into a ministry of it’s own; the realization that has staged honor and humility. God is still at work in His process of teaching [me] how to embrace the privilege.

Instead of writing what God wants… to then letting the publishing opportunity reveal itself [on His agenda], I focus on the business of the craft vs. the craft itself! Ouch… could that be interpreted as serving the world, or selfishness?

For several years to date of slopping around in the mire of it all, trying to figure out how (forcing the process) has been to no avail; there was always a distraction, missing link, or confusion, but seen now is the clarity of the past, ever-hearing… ‘you daughter have other things to finish, but write and save!’ … again God is in control of everything. The passion never left. [If it’s not the right time to blossom but still you have to write, your dream will not die, but be kept in safe keeping; your heart, until He sees your Faith and enacts its purpose.]

Feeling like an idgit with ill-faith thinking the dream was spiraling downward with discouragement and impatience, the article’s little reminder, of ‘His timing’, is what ‘for Him’ is all about. We have to deposit into God’s vault – us and our time, let it cultivate in our spirits, mature and age and ripen; the process. Then and only then will our Lord use the gift through our dream, bringing forth the growth, purpose and success.

Reading Phil. 1:6 used in the article, clearly shouted personally the question we will all be asked as Christians, “What did you do with my name…?” furthering “You were given a gift… we will either hear ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.” Math. 25:21,23 or we will hear Math. 25:26 “You wicked lazy servant, you knew… but ignored, feared, and discounted ME!’ (a personal paraphrase of God’s anger to the third servant.)

We can only Thank God for the sisters and brothers who encourage us when we lose our focus, forgetting the words of the songs in our hearts. Dreams are the shadows of the gifts God has freely given each one of us who believe. Are the shadows the reflections of the gifts God plants in us as His?

Should we not all live our dream by exercising the heart for God, through our fingers as we write? The mind can only succeed when it’s aligned with our Lord Jesus’ Holy Spirit, transforming our dream into passion, and passion into success; the success for a writer in earnest is an hungry spirit that reads [the] publication, and is moved.

Because of having been reminded through the article, You’re dream isn’t dead, it’s nesting…, I am confident the investment in years of writing, is only collecting interest that God is accruing as a valuable payoff according to His plan, and timing… not mine.

– You’re dream isn’t dead, it’s nesting… A simple yet incredibly impacting message has refreshed the energy and power meant to keep dream alive and breathing. [In me!] Thank you!

G.W. Mozley