Need your help

Nov 15, 2012Heal from the past

I want to create things that help you. I want to see you live an uncaged life. That’s my purpose here. So one of the things I’m considering is creating a series of shorter books (100 page realm) about living uncaged. These would be for sale on my site, but could also be physical books through CreateSpace. Here are some of my ideas:

  • A book for those who struggle with sex because of past sexual abuse. I get emails about this ALL the time, of victims paralyzed because of the past. I’ve (miraculously) found my way through, and I want to help others who struggle in this area. This is such a niche book that I doubt I’ll find a publisher for it.
  • A productivity book (Business Uncaged). Some of the life lessons I’ve learned in business about how to get things done.
  • A Parenting book for parents of teens that talks about how amazing and delightful and cool it is to parent teens. It’s time to stop dreading it, and instead look forward to what I think is the BEST part of parenting.
  • A branding/marketing book that keeps your heart in check but gives practical advice about discovering who you are, what your brand is, and how you can reach the world with it.

Those are my initial brainstorms. This is where you come in.


What do you need? In what areas do you need to live uncaged? What do you think of these ideas? And what, of my writing, has had the most impact on you? Please respond in the comments section. I’ll be ever so grateful!