My Writing Turret

Jun 11, 2005Family Uncaged, Write!

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I call it my writing turret. In the corner of our bedroom there is a five foot by four foot alcove where a desk barely fits. But it’s my sanctuary, my place of refuge where words flow from my mind to the keyboard. I’m surrounded by pictures. In front of me is my bulletin board, lined by red and white toile with pictures of some of my favorite people:

  • Patrick on graduation day.
  • Renee and Michael Mills, our dear friends who are going to be missionaries in Sweden next year.
  • Leslie Wilson and D’Ann Mateer, my comrades in writing. Our critique group we formed (and still meet every Wednesday via internet and phone) is called Life Sentence. We’re in this writing adventure for LIFE!
  • A picture of a bakery in Seattle where Patrick surprised me with a party on my thirtieth birthday.
  • Julia rolling down our grass hill in Texas.
  • Kevin and Renee Bailey and their family in Little Rock.
  • Rod and Mary Vestal, dear friends from Lakepointe Church. He’s our missions pastor.
  • Sophie, Aidan and Julia dressed like Santa.
  • Sophie in black and white with our cat Madeline
  • Dave and Rae McIlrath and their girls.
  • Sandi Glahn, my dear dear dear friend
  • My stepdad John with an arm around Aidan on Patrick’s graduation day.
  • My Bible study from Texas: Jodie, Kim, Carla and Helen. I miss you all.
  • A picture of Patrick and I in SanDiego
  • Our three kids with snowballs taken in Texas
  • A sign that reads “Bloom Where You’re Planted.” Oh how I long to live that wisdom! I can say this: my garden is the best it’s ever been, particularly because it’s small and I can actually manage it. I’ll post a picture soon.
  • A picture of Patrick as a little boy
  • A cross from a central American country
  • My weekly schedule
  • A card shaped like a flower that my cute friend Renee Bailey made me.
  • Two copies of Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God, one in English, the other Korean
  • A small collection of miniature chairs
  • Pieces of beautiful art from my three children
  • A Lego sign that says “Happy Mother’s Day” from Aidan
  • Cool Ikea boxes full of paper, photos, card stock, printer ink, envelopes, etc.
  • A sign Sophie made me that reads Mary DeMuth Freelance Writer
  • A heart-shaped clay holder Aidan made me for French Mother’s Day
  • A calendar my friend Julie Krug made me from photos she’s taken all over the world. I absolutely LOVE that calendar. Thanks, Jules!
  • Files
  • A painting (lithograph) of a favorite painter: Millet
  • A card that reads, “Your wealth is where your friends are.”
  • A picture of a flowered mountain pass with these words: “But godliness is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment” (1 Timothy 6:6).
  • Black and whites of my children
  • Color photos of each child making a goofy face.
  • A magnet of Hud and Nancy McWilliams that holds up our French phone number list.
  • This quote from a hymn: “Riches I heed not nor man’s empty praise; Thou mine inheritance now and always; Thou and Thou only first in my heart; High King of Heaven, my treasure Thou art.”
  • A card made by my amazingly artistic friend Erin Teske. WOW. She folded paper to make pajamas. So cool.
  • From A River Runs Through it: “Later, when you’re ready, tell the story of our family. Perhaps then you’ll understand what happened.”
  • Another sign that reads “when you write, remember Mike.” He’s our friend who died almost two years ago. I want to be like him when I write.
  • A black and white of Mount Rainier to remind me of home and family there
  • A postcard from the Louvre of this painting: Les Disciples Pierre et Jean courant au sepulcre le matin de la Resurrection, by Eugene Burnand. It’s my ABSOLUTE favorite painting. Would it be that I greet Jesus that way every day, that I’d see life with such joy.

So that is what I am surrounded by in my writing turret. I smile when I sit down because I am surrounded by art and photos that remind me of Jesus or friends or family. What surrounds you in your office?