My Prayer for Today

Jun 29, 2006Family Uncaged

Dear, dear Jesus,

Thank you for the sunshine today. It’s lovely. Thanks for flowers, too. It brings me unending joy to nurture them to splendor, to walk among them like friends.

Thank you for my children, my dear, dear children. Sophie’s growing up, Jesus. She’s getting so mature. And she loves you deeply. Nurture her soul, Jesus. Touch her with your freedom. Continue to bless her with good relationships. I pray you’d send Aidan more friends, and better ways to connect with them here. Thank you that he wants to make wise choices this year. Thank you for his increasing responsibilities. Help us to find a good guitar teacher. Thank you that Julia knows French and that you’ve given her friends. My little, outgoing girl needed that Jesus. Thank you that she met you this year and took the step of baptism.

Thank you for my husband who is wonderfully growing into the mantle of leadership you’ve pressed upon him. Continue to build his character deep. Help him communicate your joy, freedom and grace and to model authenticity and humility. Thank you for blessing me with him, for teaching me more about you through his steady, evident love.

I give you my writing, Jesus. Sometimes the weight of this business bends my shoulders. I fail so often. I read lots of rejections and forget about the amazing journey you’ve taken me on. Help me rejoice in what’s happened thus far. Four books! Good reviews! Good relationships! Good emails from folks who’ve been blessed by the books! I pray for balance, Lord. That I’d be able to stop work when the kids come home, and that I’d learn how to balance the joy of writing and the necessity of marketing and publicity. I want to honor you. I want to see your smile as I write.

I lay Crossroads Cote d’Azur at your feet, Lord. Show us how to proceed from here. Connect us well with people. Show us your strategy to touch this area with your kindness and redemption. Do a miracle, Lord. Astound us with the way you reach people. Help me learn French better. And send new friends my way.

Jesus, I’m desperate without you. I need your hand in mine every day, particularly today. Renew my heart. Take my sin. Invigorate my soul. I love you. I love you. I love you.