My grandmother’s wallet & a cool giveaway

Apr 11, 2012Heal from the past

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When I was young, my mom would put me on a plane, all by myself, to venture from the Northwest to Ohio to visit my grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles (and various sundry relatives in between). I’d battle fear the night before the flight, sure I would die. I wouldn’t sleep a lick. My nervous stomach went haywire, and I fretted my way through blue skies until Ohio, hot and damp, welcomed me.

My grandparents have left the earth in the past decade, orphaning me a little. But as I look back, I remember small things. My grandfather’s keen ability of fact memorization. And my grandmother’s penchant for purses and wallets. She never called her purse a “purse.” No, it was always a “pocketbook.” Sometimes she’d let me have an old pocketbook to play with or even take home with me.

But it’s her wallets that fascinated me. They often had those funny clasp thingies on the top, so that whenever I see one now, I think of her. The way she opened the clasp to pull out money at garage sales or fabric stores. The way she slipped a dollar out for me so I could have a strawberry ice cream cone.

Imagine my joy when Dayspring kindly offered a new collection for me to try out, and one of the items was this:

Receiving the wallet brought back memories, flooding into me. I could smell my grandmother’s perfume, notice her long slender feet (size 11 6A!), and hear her laughter. When I left Ohio, I cried for an hour on the plane, wanting to stay, wanting to hug every relative until they popped. Funny how one wallet can remind me of so many things, so many loved people.

I’ve really enjoyed Dayspring Products, particularly this line of products. If you’d like to see all the Redeemed products, click the cool graphic below. The wallet is included, as well as several other kitschy things.

And now for the fun! Dayspring has agreed to give away the cool claspy wallet to one of my cool classy readers! Woohoo! Enter by commenting on this post. The random drawing happens on Friday at noon CST, so you have a few days to comment. Here are some guidelines:

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