My big, fat fear: Fame Messing with my Heart

Feb 19, 2009Write!

Regarding fears in the publishing journey:

My big, fat fear came when the Lord showed me many of the trials I’d faced right before my first major writing conference. They were personal trials full of pain and ick. At the end of that sad display (although I’m thrilled the Lord brought me through every single trial and made me stronger), the Lord said to me, “Mary, you have withstood many trials. But will you withstand the trial of notariety?”

Those words stayed with me at that conference—the place where I ended up signing with an agent, which led to two-book contracts within a few months. My fear? I didn’t want “fame” to mess with my heart. It’s still my fear. Not that I’m famous. Not that my books have sold wildly well. That hasn’t happened. But even so, I constantly pray that the Lord would keep me close to Him. That any fame that comes my way is simply a vehicle to make Him famous.