The Muir House Tour

Oct 26, 2011Write!

I’m so excited to experiment with a brand new way of blog touring November and December. We have over 20 bloggers who have agreed to read The Muir House, then post about their emotional reaction to the book. They won’t write reviews or dry, boring stuff about plotlines. They’ll get to the nitty gritty. They might even hate the book. It’s all fine. The goal is that we’ll take the typical book club experience of hashing and rehashing our responses to the book – except have it online.

Here are the blogs participating on the tour!


14: Jennah Mitchell Frumpy Chic Mamma

15:Connie Cermack

16: Nina Nelson Shalom Mama

17: Donna Pyle Hydrated Living

18: Denise Thompson Denise in Bloom

21: Jack Lynady

22: Nina Nelson, Shalom Mama

23: Ben Wilson Marriages Restored

24: Justin Lukasavige & Christine Lukasavige (Happy Thanksgiving!)

25: Josh Gordon The Nonconformist Family

28: Mandy Santos

29: Rachel Wojnarowski


1: Augusto Pinaud

2: Ivan Bicket A better Way of Business

5: Leanne Penny

6: Christy Tennant

7: Tara Robinson

8: Angus Nelson

9: Elizabeth Esther

12: Elliot Crane

13: Melissa Michaels The Inspired Room

15: Kathy Richards of KatDish

Here’s a little bit about the tour. Dwight Schrute and I get into this a little more deeply… kind of.


I would love you to be a part of this month-long experiment. Here are three ways to dive in:

Option #1 is free (as in $0) and here’s what you get

  • Honest, gritty reactions to The Muir House in your inbox every day of the tour.
  • Exclusive editorial access to a brand-new novella I’m writing. It’s called The Librarian, and it explores one character’s adventure after The Muir House ends. I’ll write every day – and you’ll give your editorial feedback on my progress! Not only does this give you a say in the book’s outcome, but it will give you a behind the scenes peek at my creative process. This book will be available to purchase in January, so jump in! Be a part of this grand experiment!

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Option #2 is $7 … which is a steal. Here’s why:

You’ll receive:

  • Honest, gritty reactions to The Muir House in your inbox every day of the tour.
  • Exclusive editorial access to The Librarian novella (as above)


  • The 11 Secrets of Getting Published ebook (PDF) – $4.99 value
  • A 4 week publishing mastermind teleseminar. I’ll answer all of your writing and publication questions, much like private mentoring – $25 value

 Option #2: $7 – $29.99 worth of stuff

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Option #3 is $27 … which is even a crazier steal:

You get:

  • All the cool stuff from Option #1 and Option #2 – $29.99 value


  • A PDF of my book Watching the Tree Limbs – $2.99 value
  • A PDF of my book Wishing on Dandelions (not yet released!) – $2.99 value
  • I critique the first page of your book, blog, article,etc – $50 value

So, Option #3: $27 for $85.97 of stuff

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