Monthlong Podcast break

May 11, 2015Uncaged Podcast

Hi friends,

Just a note to let you know I’m taking at least a month off from podcasting. The Uncaged Podcast has been a hoot for me to do, but I’m running up against some deadlines at the same time I have two kids from college coming home and a house to prepare. I need a bit of audio space to do all that.

Hopefully I’ll pick up the microphone again in June and we’ll be off the races.

But in the meantime, I want to ask for your prayers about its future. I’m considering changing the podcast, though I’m not ready to say how yet. I’m still in the process of thinking through it, weighing the Return on Investment, and figuring out what would BLESS YOU the most, while still being mindful of the cost (every episode costs me time and money) and my margin.

So please pray that the Lord would direct me specifically in the next few weeks.