Missing David Crowder

Jun 3, 2005Family Uncaged

The Lord’s been speaking to me about worship again. Our stereo hisses and blows weird air noises. It’s about ten years old, so I shouldn’t complain. The result is that my home isn’t filled with music anymore (other than sweet French songs my children sing or really nice recorder music from the mouths of Aidan and Sophie or when I play the guitar. Consequently, Julia told me yesterday, “Mommy, you play the guitar really loud. And you sing good.”).

I have enjoyed the solace of no stereo for a while, but now I want music again. So, it’s time to find an affordable stereo.

But that’s not what is frustrating. Somewhere in the midst of life, I have lost all my David Crowder CDs. If you haven’t been blessed yet with his worship music, be sure to buy a CD today. And while you do, pray I’d find mine. They are around here somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them! David, I miss you!