Missing American Mom Hugs

Jan 31, 2005Family Uncaged

Here are Julia and I waving as shadows on an Italian beach rock. Funny how free I felt at the moment I snapped the shot! And how encumbered I feel today. And lonely.

The feeling came as I stood outside Julia and Aidan’s schoolyard, waiting for them to come bounding out, clad in new jackets from my dear friend Marcia. There seemed to be a circle drawn around me that no one would encroach upon. I saw moms greeting one another with two cheeked kisses. At that moment I remembered.

When I’d run into other moms in the States, we’d hug each other. A good, old American I’m-so-glad-to-see-you hug. In that moment, circled by pavement, I missed home. Oh for an American mom hug!

So, if you’re a mom in America and you see a friend while you’re picking up your children, give her a big hug. Relish the connection. Tell her it’s from me, thousands of miles and a culture away.

I’ll once again be the happy waving shadow on Italian rocks. But, today I’d settle for an American hug.

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