Meeting Hixon

Oct 21, 2009Write!

(picture credit: from the National Archives)

I met him the other day, my character Hixon. He weighed a little more than I expected, but his face, his eyes–this was him.

He made eye contact. He served. He smiled, but not overly so. His position seemed lowly, but I envisioned his influence in his place of work.

I touched his elbow, to garner attention for a second. “Thank you for serving us,” I told him. “I appreciate it.”

He smiled, as Hixons are apt to do. “Thanks,” he said.

Leaving Hixon that day, I realized something about my existence lately. I’ve been awfully isolated behind this desk, quite insulated from Hixons and Muriels and Emorys. I’ve not muddied myself in relationships, a bit overwhelmed at time pressures. But meeting “Hixon” made me want to embrace all folks, wherever I find them along my day. To get out of my house to see other people God created in His image. To love well. To risk loss.