So, when did you first meet Jesus?

Mar 3, 2015Kingdom Uncaged

I feel alive when I write stories.

And I love, love, love hearing other people’s amazing stories.

So you can imagine the joy it took to be a part of this book alongside author Frank Viola. Because I had the privilege of reaching into five sometimes overlooked stories of women in the New Testament, researching their surroundings, asking questions, applying my narrative fiction skills, and imagining just what it must’ve been like to truly MEET JESUS THE FIRST TIME.

And then I put myself squarely in the shoes of these women. They breathed, I breathed. They ached, I ached. They worried, I worried.

And suddenly when their lives seemed to go from disappointment to despair, a Man of Light intersects their lives, and they are changed forever.

I am forever changed, too.

And that’s my hope for you in this book. That you will see that people from the Bible are actually real folks with problems and pains and aspirations just like you. And when they dared to reach for Jesus, He absolutely reached for them and changed everything.

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