Me + Poorest Country in the World = ?

Oct 4, 2012Kingdom Uncaged

It used to be that Haiti had been called the poorest country in the western hemisphere, but recently Haiti’s been noted as the poorest country in the world. I’ve been to poor countries. I’ve seen poverty. But I haven’t seen the worst of it, not by a stretch.

This summer, my son pioneered ahead of me, venturing to Haiti with a team from our church. He came back humbled and changed. He’s on the top row, tallest boy. My heart is full right now just thinking about him and his heart for a broken world. Who am I to have such amazing kids?

And in four days I’ll walk the roads Aidan walked with the HelpOneNow folks. I’m privileged to cry alongside (and laugh with) Jennie Allen, Sara Bessey, Jen Hatmaker, Kristen Howerton, Deidra Riggs, Duane Scott, Molly Donovan Burpo, Kris Rutherford, Scott Wade, Dan King, Mike Rusch, and Chris Marlow.

I’m pretty sure I’m the geriatric addition to the trip. 🙂 So pray for this old lady, specifically that I would see Jesus. He wears the distressing disquise of the poor, so I have a feeling I’ll be meeting a lot of Him. Reminds me of this:

Can’t help but cry when I hear that song. Can’t help but think I’ll weep when I realize how very, very rich I am on this earth, and how very, very poor others are. Oh dear Jesus, transform me, renew me, make me grateful yet giving.

Would you pray for our team? For health? For encounters with Jesus? For great stories to share? I’ll be blogging from the beautiful land of Haiti October 8-12. Watch for it.

You can follow our progress on Twitter at #Help1Haiti.

I count it a supreme privilege to be a part of this adventure.