Marketing Secret: Choose small, tend large

Aug 7, 2012Work Uncaged

A few years ago, I started my journey of learning about marketing. As an author, I knew I could write words, create books, and churn out content. What I couldn’t do was sell books. So I dove headlong into marketing–reading tons of books, consulting with experts, and trying a lot of ideas the failed.

As I walked through that process, I sensed the Lord say that He wasn’t going to allow me to follow a formula. Why? Because if the formula worked, I’d be prone to say, “Hey, this program worked, so you should try it too.” No, He wanted to get the glory for whatever happened in my writing career.

Of course God can work any way He pleases, but with me, I’ve learned I often have to trust more in my relationship with Him than in a list of marketing must do-s.

So the other week in the garden, I realized a new truth that fits with the last statement perfectly. Choose small, tend large.

What I tend to do: choose large, tend small.

Out of fear and not really trusting God, I ran to every method known to man (and woman), grabbing at all sorts of formulas. I added tons to my plate, and then I tended everything poorly. No wonder I failed! No wonder I felt defeated! I traded focus for doing way too much stuff.

Cut to this year and the lessons God’s been teaching me. Less is more. Paring away nearly everything in my life brings great results.

In short, I’m choosing small (books & speaking) and finally, finally, finally tending large. I have time now to launch my next book. I can think straight and write better books. I can work on my speaking platform.

So that’s my marketing “secret.”

This is my cautionary tale, meant to help you NOT do what I did. Take some time today to ask yourself what you really want to do with marketing. Ask God. Slow down. Then tend large.


What have been your frustrations with marketing? Have you ever been discouraged? What have you done well? (I’d love to learn from you!)