Make a tweet list to save time!

I’ve been tweeting a long time now. I have a cadre of followers, and I follow closely a few awesome friends. Although I consider myself an efficient tweeter, I realized I could make my life a little easier if I compiled a tweet list, then drew from that when I couldn’t think of what to tweet.

So I went through my books and website and thought about the things I love. I compiled a very long list and pasted it on one of those stickies (sticky notes for your desktop). That way I could always access it without having to open up a doc.

Now when life gets crazy, I can take a few of those tweets, rework them a bit, and time them using my Tweetdeck tweet later feature. Something else I’ve done is taken 2-3 from the list and added them on one day, then added three more for the next. This has been especially helpful when I’ve traveled.

It’s important to remember what Michael Hyatt calls the 20-to-1 rule. You don’t want to be a Me Monster on social media talking about My Book, My Life, My Site, My Cool Post all the time. No, your main job on social media is to bless and consider the needs of your reader.

So this long tweet list I created is just a filler. My real tweets come in spontaneous bursts as God moves me, teaches me something cool, or I feel the need to pray for my readers. It’s just nice to have some stock tweets as I go forward. BTW, I used to shorten my links.

Here are some samples:

What about you? What shortcuts have you found useful in social media? What secrets have you discovered about Twitter?

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