An Ancient Roadmap for Living Openhearted

Oct 11, 2013Find joy today


So you’ve been pooped on. Someone said something extremely insensitive to you. Or maybe a parent abandoned you. Or a perpetrator stole something from you. Or that person you thought was your friend recoiled on you. Or your spouse disappointed you. Or your child walked away from you. Or the person who was supposed to protect you didn’t. Or a friend abused you. Or maybe a combination of all these offenses.

Now what?

Do you simply resign yourself to the fact that you’re worth being pooped on? Do you shake your fist at the world and look out for number one? Do you give in to depressive thoughts? Do you shrink inside yourself?

As I walked through my own relational pain and learned to deal with the bitterness that had enabled me to build a huge wall around my heart, I knew the only way out was Jesus. As the most openhearted person to walk this earth, all I could do was ask Him to please-please-please show me how to move on and live the joyful life that always seemed elusive to me.

And He showed me. Boy did He show me–through His own words.

The Wall Around Your Heart is the journey I took from embittered to openhearted, from living in reaction to the past to living joyfully in the present tense. The pathway I take you through is simply this: The Lord’s Prayer.

Did you know that this prayer is relational? Did you know there are secrets embedded in this prayer that will help you move on after heartache? Did you know this ancient roadmap will teach you how to have the life you’ve longed for–a life of abundance and hope–even after people hurt you again?

After reading The Wall Around Your Heart, not only will you reframe your relationships and learn to live openhearted, but you’ll never pray The Lord’s Prayer the same way again. This pathway has utterly, truly changed my life, and it’s my sincere prayer that it will radically alter the course of your life.

So if you’ve built a great big wall around your heart and you’ve finally grown tired of living in isolated fear, preorder The Wall Around Your Heart. It releases October 15th.

And if it blesses you and helps you move toward openhearted living, would you please write a quick review? Thank you!