Little Pieces of Encouragement JUST when I need them

Feb 3, 2008Archive

This journey of publication is a crazy one. I’ll attest to it one hundred times. Discouragement lurks around every rejection, every negative review. But sometimes, just when discouragement threatens to stifle creativity and will, something little pops into my life to give me just what I need to persevere.
Today I received this from a counselor who works with abuse victims:


I am sick and stayed home from church today so I finished Watching
the Tree Limbs
. It is a beautiful, amazing book! I am grateful to you
for writing it (and for sending me a copy of it and Dandelions). Of course, I
had to start Dandelions right away, as my wife told me I would.

At our
next staff meeting we are discussing our Top 5 recommended books for counseling.
Your novels will be on my list.

Isn’t that fun?

(And, by the way, if you ever wanted to buy WTTL, it would behoove you to buy it now from Amazon as they’re having a very big sale. Only $4.66. Buy for your friends and neighbors and anyone God brings to mind…)

And then, to ice the cake, literary agent Rachelle Gardner writes here about how she acquired Watching the Tree Limbs. It’s a lovely story, one I needed to hear just now. I write in isolation, seldom knowing what will come of my words. To hear the background story about that book getting acquired really blessed me. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to have an editor lose herself in my book, then champion it until it sells. Humbling.