Lindsey Nobles’ Thin Place: Power of a Book

Aug 23, 2010Archive

Authors and job seekers may be especially encouraged by today’s Thin Place Story from Lindsey Nobles. You can find Lindsey online at her blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.  You’re welcome to share your Thin Place Story here.

I know that God is always with me. Always with me. I do.

But there are times, brief moments, when He feels so near that the lines between heaven and earth are beautifully blurry.

Moments when I cease to exist. And He reigns over the cosmos…and my destiny.

A few years ago, I had outgrown my circumstances. I needed space to heal a battered, bruised, and broken heart. I needed space to dream. I needed space to discover who I could become.

So, I interviewed for a job in Nashville with a Christian publisher.

It was a bold move since I had, for all intents and  purposes, avoided God for years.

I guess you could say I was a Christian. I was just a wandering, skeptical, sometimes bitter Christian who had no real relationship with Christ.

My first few interviews went well. Really well. Michael Hyatt and I had an immediate rapport. I confessed that I was not qualified for the job. He appreciated my candor. And thankfully he didn’t delve too deeply into my prayer life or spiritual walk.

As one of our meetings concluded, he handed me a book and said, “This is one of the stories that I am most proud to say we published.”

So, like any good interviewee, I went home and started reading.

I got about halfway through that incredibly powerful book before I realized I knew the author, his son Carson had graduated in my class.

That book, Same Kind of Different as Me, was about a man who had lost his way. Through the help of his wife and a very unlikely friend, he found God…and a better version of himself.

That book gave me the power to believe in my own redemptive story.

That book was God marking my trail and letting me know He reigns over the cosmos…and my destiny.