Like Them


We want to be like the nations around us.” 1 Samuel 8:20

8 words. Spoken by the Israelites who looked around and saw something they didn’t have: a king. All the other nations had one, why not them?

Isn’t that where our discontentment starts? We want to be like the others, like them, like that person over there. So we strive. Or we beg God. Kind of like how I begged God for a boyfriend in high school because I knew that’s what would make me happy. (Thank you JESUS for NOT answering that prayer. You saved me so much heartache!).

We think what they have is what we need to be happy.

It’s a lie.

The world’s system can never satisfy us. And it doesn’t satisfy those who chase after it–in the form of fame, prestige, power, money, looks, you name it. It’s a carrot on a fishing pole in front of us–we never reach it. Or if we get a bite, we realize a carrot is boring and we need a 24 carat ring…

I’m on the cusp of a book launch, so I’m asking myself these questions. You’ll be noticing a lot of posts in the next few weeks–thankfully not about me, but about others who have interacted with the book. Even so, I struggle. What does it look like to promote a book from the world’s perspective? (Platform! Followers! Leveraging! Methods! Marketing! Publicity!). And what would it look like to share about a book I’ve written from a kingdom perspective?

I’m sure I won’t do it perfectly, but after reading about the consequences to the nation of Israel after demanding a king (and getting him), I shudder a bit. I sure hope I am not chasing after the shiny, the surefire pathway to success, demanding God give me what I think I need. To be like them.

Honestly, I want to be like HIM. Jesus laid down His life. He took on the form of human flesh, humbled Himself to the point of death. His is the name every knee should bow before. Certainly not mine. He stands on the beautiful stage (a rightful throne). May it be that we herald Him and humble ourselves.

Mind if I pray?

Jesus, I give you this book. I give you the methods, the launch team (oh they are dear!), the opportunities on the radio (oh may it be a platform for YOU to shine, to heal people!), the publisher’s hopes, my own agenda. It’s all yours. I don’t want to demand that my life mirror what the world calls success. I am weak, and this can be a besetting sin, so I lay my heart before You, giving you permission to sift, to break up the fallow ground because it is time to seek YOU and YOU alone. Dear Jesus, this publishing journey has been so humbling. I’m grateful for the opportunities, but I’m also thankful for the rejections and failures because they brought me closer to You. I want this book to be a blessing to others, to set them free from long-held lies. Do the work only You can do. I trust You. Amen.