Life with chocolate and life without

Jun 15, 2005Family Uncaged

A wail erupted from downstairs just a minute ago, followed by this from the mouth of Julia: “I only got a little tiny piece of chocolate. WAAAAAAAAAA.”

I feel like Julia today. Like I need intravenous chocolate to make it through, and yet I’m only allowed a pittance. Emotional lows are like that, aren’t they? We crave but we don’t get. We have expectations that aren’t met. We (of the womanly race) have hormones we didn’t ask for that ignite our tears and inflate our fears. All that with only a square of chocolate!!!

Today I gave one of my characters some good advice through a wise southern man named Old Mack. He told Maranatha that God gives and God takes away and that the true mark that a Christian is growing is that we shake hands with the good as heartily as the bad, knowing that the difficulties come to test our faith, to make it stronger.

Perhaps his words would’ve been made stronger or more winsome if he had handed her a jar of Nutella!!!!