Letting go: The Soundtrack

Jun 25, 2012Heal from the past

A few weeks ago when I pondered the change in leaving my writing mentoring, I took a run and hit “shuffle.” The uncanny order and message of the songs helped to reconfirm what God was asking me to let go of. Here’s the list in order.

“Easier To Be” by LifeHouse

The first verse struck me because I have felt like I’ve been running around aimlessly, and I’ve lost a bit of myself in the process.

Chasing fireflies
Elusive dreams
This pre life crisis
Is killing me
Beautiful tragedy
Who I was wasn’t me

“My Heart will Fly” by Mercy Me

This verse helped me maintain an eternal perspective, knowing that I’ll probably make plenty of bad decisions on this earth, but someday it’ll all make sense and God will bring good out of my bad.

It won’t be long until we all go home
with all things revealed
and on that day we’ll finally
know oh, as we are fully known.

Breaking Apart” by Aaron Spiro

I personally think that everyone should download all Aaron Spiro music. Very deep, wonderfully theological, musicality deluxe, awesome vocals. And this song ripped at me in the best possible way. His second verse decried my life.

I am spent like a faucet
I can’t turn it off
Got my head in the socket
I’ve got an empty shock
My leg is shaking
A foot I can’t feel
I don’t want to doubt
I might lose my will

“Dream” by Michelle Tumes

This was the last song on my run, and while I ran to it, I fell into my best stride ever. I felt complete abandon, true joy, and my weariness ceased. The entire song resonated through me, and I knew. I KNEW. God had spoken. It was time to let go of everyone else’s expectations for me and truly step forward in my new Mary-shaped dreams.

I believe there is divine imagination
Give it wings for it created aviation
Every little hope you’re holding inside
Every little gleam you keep in you eyes
A dream, yeah, a dream

Before a seed became a flower there was a vision
The dream is planted deep, He’ll shower it with wisdom
Flowing with love that’s making you smile
You’ve waited in your faith you’ve dreamed your whole life
Your soul begin to fly

There’s a dream in your heart
And His heart is your prayer
You can move mountains with your life in His hands
He’ll tear down the walls and He’ll walk where you can’t
Have faith in the power to believe
He’s given you a dream

I pray you dream will leap beyond your expectations
You’ll see miracles He has no limitations
Listen to His voice a spark will ignite
Let Him be the strength to carry your life
He’ll raise your spirit high

You will find the bloom beneath the sunshine
Reach inside and sail to His horizon
Every little hope you’re holding inside
Every little gleam you keep in your eyes
You’ve waited in your faith you’ve dreamed your whole life
Let your soul begin to fly

So that’s my run and the soundtrack to me letting go.

Q4u: Have you had this experience where God’s spoken encouragement to you through your shuffle?