Let her go

Oct 22, 2008Archive

“Never make a principle out of your experience; let God be as original with other people as He is with you.” Oswald Chambers.

A lot of our angst with others centers around our preconceived design for their lives. We think we know what’s best, or what’s right for them. And when they violate our perceived boundaries, we judge. Thinking that way can become a barrier.

Today I’m remembering a friend, letting her go into God’s sweet, beautiful hands. He has a plan for her life, a unique blueprint just for her. Her journey is not mine. In between us there’s been misunderstanding and heartache. The kind of stuff only God can untangle. But He’s big enough, isn’t He? I choose today to let Him be original in her life, to do genesis things in her heart, to renew her steps in ways I can’t even fathom.

That’s one of the million reasons why I’m not God and He is. He understands every individual on this earth perfectly. He knows how to love, woo, change, transform and bless each person. He knows how to perfectly discipline.

And yet, He, as God of the Universe, lets all of us exercise free choice. Why can’t I let others, particularly my friend, exercise her own free choice?

God has done unique things in my life. He has done unique things in her life. As far as it depends on me, I must reconcile, but it takes two. So I let her go. And I let her rest in God’s hands, knowing that He is the keeper of every single heart–even the hearts that break each other’s and His.