Laura Dern and Me. Twins. Seriously!

Jan 9, 2009Archive

OK, so I’m not as famous as George Clooney (whom my hubby gets mistaken for . . . and it happened again last week). But I do have one claim to fame. Folks stop me and tell me I look like Laura Dern. This has happened on several occasions, enough to make me smile and wonder.

But here’s the ironic thing. I looked up Laura on the Internet only to find out SHE HAS THE EXACT SAME BIRTHDAY. Same day. Same year.

Sure, she SAYS she was born in LA, and my birth certificate says SEATTLE, but who’s to say we weren’t separated at birth by some CIA clandestine plot? I know it’s true. And if you dig deep into your soul, you’ll agree with me.

I say Laura and I should get together and compare notes. And, of course, we should throw an amazing joint 42-year-young (I call it 21-21) birthday bash on February 10th. So, all of you who are BFFs with Laura, would you do me a favor and let her know of my party plans? Thanks. I appreciate it.

Laura’s Twin Mary