Kip is Wrong

Today, Kip is tormenting me with his music.

Anyone who’s watched the movie Napoleon Dynamite may remember Kip’s way cool song he sings to LaFawn-duh at their wedding.

“I love technology,” he sings.

She frowns.

“But not as much as you, you see.”

She smiles.

“But I still love technology,” he croons again.

Well, er, I DON’T love technology today. I hate hate hate it! I am in Amsterdam trying to get my laptop to connect to wireless but it won’t. It refuses. So I am typing on someone else’s computer, up against a deadline, really, really stressed out.

So, Kip ol’ buddy, you are very very strange. And I am deranged from stress.

Maybe I should put on my moon boots and dance some moves. Or build a cake. Or picture tiny seahorses in a sea of something or other. (If you think I am absolutely nutty, you’ll just have to rent Napoleon Dynamite right now!)

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