Kari Jobe & Not Today

Apr 12, 2013Find joy today

about_image2This post started last fall, really. My daughter Sophie dreamed of going to Passion, but finances prevented it. And then God intersected her desire and provided a way. While at Passion, she had the privilege of worshiping, along with thousands of other college kids. One highlight (of many) was Kari Jobe’s “Revelation Song.”

The other? Joining the End it movement. This week she inked a red X on her hand in solidarity for those who have been enslaved.

This week I got an email from a guy I met years ago who works for a PR firm now. He lead my son’s D-Now group when Aidan was in junior high, and now wanted to know if I’d be interested in interviewing Kari Jobe about the movie, Not Today, which releases today. Here’s the trailer. (This also has a special connection to us, as I met my husband Patrick just a few weeks before he spent three months in Calcutta. And also for me as a sexual abuse survivor who wants to help others who have experienced far more trauma than I ever did.)

In light of all these connections, of course I wanted to talk to Kari. I only wish it could be my daughter who would interview her. So I did the next best thing. I asked Sophie what questions she’d liked asked. Many of hers are incorporated here.

What is the connection between worship and justice for you?

Worship and justice came together as a term about seven years ago. As Americans, we’ve been fat worshipers just taking things in and not letting them come out. It’s more about breathing in and breathing out. This next generation is getting more used to that idea–receiving from God, then giving back.

What prompted you to shine a light on global slavery?

Christine Caine who started the A21 campaign opened my eyes about six years ago. She told me about global slavery at a Greek restaurant in Oklahoma City.

I couldn’t eat! I said,  “Are you kidding me? This is really happening? What can I do to help?”

Christine said, “Ask the Lord. I don’t know.”

So I prayed about it. I designed jewelry to sell at my merch table. I finally went to Greece to meet some of those girls. This is so the heart of God. It’s going to take all of us.

What truths from your song do you think the church needs to cling to most in fighting global slavery?

Aaron Blanton and James Tealy wrote “What Love Can Do.” It’s an uplifting song. You’d think it would be darkness and drudgery. The song plays at the end of the movie and reminds us that with the love of the Lord, we can help these people.

Global slavery is rampant and overwhelming. What brings you hope?

That people have been rescued. Their beautiful stories of redemption bring hope because their reality has changed. It’s like that starfish story of that little kid with thousands of starfish on a beach, throwing one in the water. It may seem like it didn’t matter, but it did make a difference for the one thrown back into the sea. Little by little we can chip away at these things.

How did the movie, Not Today, impact you personally?

It’s really hard for me to watch it because I’m so sad for those children in India and other countries. It’s so dark. People are starving, and they need money. It’s why I try to do what I can to raise awareness. I think of these precious girls every day. I drove by the brothels in Greece. Afterward we went to our safe hotel, free. I’m a girl like them. I was thinking why am I so lucky to be in freedom and these girls are born into a place where they were sold? It brings the issue to a whole new perspective.

And here’s a question specifically about your experience leading worship at Passion. How did you feel when you sung “Revelation Song” there?

Besides that i might explode with excitement? I love leading worship especially for this next generation. They’re going to be incredible for impacting the world because they’re so kingdom minded. The energy in that room was electric. It was sweet. The presence of God was so strong. I don’t have words.

Want to see for yourself? I picture Sophie there, worshiping God with abandon.