Julia’s Turkey Story

Nov 22, 2007Archive

Below is Julia’s Turkey Story. She’s a clever little writer!

It all started wen GTurkey meandered to the Peterson’s front lawn to get his scrumptious food. THUMP THUMP.

Who was thumping?It was the mom’s brother, Aidan. He did look pretty exasperated. He said, pointing to GTurkey, “Why don’t you kill that turkey instead of buying one at the store, Caroline?”

Caroline said, “He’s family, Aidan!”

“You call him family. He’s just a piece of meat,” Aidan said. (Editorial note: Julia’s actual brother Aidan was not amused to be the villain of her piece).

Caroline shrugged and nodded.

Aidan stomped down the stairs and smiled at GTurkey. Of course it was an obnoxious smile.

GTurkey was mournful. He never thought the Petersons would want to eat him. He ran quickly back to the barn to create an astonishing plot to escape from that wretched farm. The dog named GDog listened in and wanted to help, so GDog pointed at an old black box that had lots of clothing in it. GTurkey looked through every single costume, then found a Pizza Hut one. “This will have to do,” GTurkey murmured.

GTurkey noticed it had a pen, paper, a Pizza Hut hat that said, “Thank you for ordering Pizza Hut,” and a pizza box with fake pizza inside.

First GTurkey slid on the socks and shoes, then the red t-shirt and pants. He mostly had trouble tucking his feathers in. The final touch: putting on the hat. Now to see if the plot would work. So he went to the front green door. At the same time GDog said goodbye and dispersed. GTurkey waved bye.

Ding dong! GTurkey felt heinous then. Mr. Peterson opened the door. GTurkey was even more scared than before. Mr. Peterson looked gruesome. “What do you want?” Mr. Peterson said in a grumpy mood.

“Did you order Pizza, Sir?” GTurkey replied.

Mr. Peterson looked at GTurkey as if it was the middle of the night. Mr. Peterson opened his mouth as tremendous as Texas. He said to his wife, “Hoooonnnneeeey, wwwwhere’s my ggggun?” Mr. Peterson got a gun.

GTurkey was as bleak as an ice cube. Mr. Peterson shot the gun and BAM! GTurkey opened his eyes and realized he was not dead. But a bear behind him was.

“No I don’t think we ordered pizza,” Mr. Peterson said.

“OK, then, I will try the next home. Bye, sir,” GTurkey said in real life.

GTurkey jumped for joy and ran to freedom.

In the meantime, Mr. Peterson went to kill GTurkey but GTurkey was not there so they had pork instead of turkey.

GTurkey lived in the mountains and lived with bunnies. GTurkey was saved until the next Thanksgiving.