Len Sweet Calls Jesus Now a Masterpiece

May 6, 2014Kingdom Uncaged

I’m excited to share a great deal with you about a brand new book by Frank Viola entitled Jesus Now. it’s for folks who have wondered, “But what is Jesus doing right now? In today’s world?”

Author, pastor and teacher Leonard Sweet says this of Frank Viola’s just-released book, Jesus Now: Unveiling the Present-Day Ministry of Christ.

“Frank Viola is a master at the discipline of historical context, and Jesus Now is a masterpiece that shows us how to ‘Christify’ our story—to move from an unscripted spirituality to a scripturally scripted identity.” ~ Leonard Sweet

Jesus Now contains 8 months of fresh material on the present-day ministry of Christ, answering the question, “What is Jesus doing NOW . . . since His ascension?”

The book explores every text in the New Testament on the subject, breaking it down into 7 ministries that Jesus has today:

  • Great High Priest
  • Chief Shepherd
  • Heavenly Bridegroom
  • Author and Finisher of our Faith
  • Builder of the Ekklesia
  • Head of the Church
  • Lord of the World

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