Jeanne’s Advice for Interviews: Breathing

Jan 14, 2006Find joy today

I emailed my prayer circle this week, letting them know I’d be starting radio interviews and to please pray for me. This will be the first time I’ve done radio. Eeeeeeek. So, if you are a praying sort, please pray for me, particularly Wednesday, as I have three packed into that day. I will call the US stations here from my French phone and then we’ll chat away.

Anyway, my friend Jeanne Damoff wrote back and suggested I try breathing (as in take deep breaths). She then offered all sorts of wonderful advice. Of course, me being a silly one (especially in Jeanne’s email presence) took the breathing advice and ran with it. I said something like, “I think I’ll just do heavy breathing.”

So, this was her response:

Oh, yes! I like the idea of heavy breathing. Very effective.

Interviewer: So, tell us, Mary, what prompted you to share such
intimate personal details with readers?

Mary: (No response. Sound
of heavy breathing.)

Interviewer: Hello? Mary? Are you there?

Mary: (Still no response. More heavy

Interviewer: Um, I think we may have lost contact. Or
at least I HOPE that’s what happened. We’ll go to commercial and try again. Stay
tuned for insights from Mary DeMuth on her break-out best-seller “Building the
Christian Family You Never Had.”

More heavy breathing. Fade to
commercial . . .

This would totally work! You won’t have
to say a word, and people will be so intrigued, they’ll all go out and buy your
book immediately