Je suis fatigue

Sep 29, 2005Write!

It says it all: I’m tired.

We’re in the middle of shooting digital video footage for our promo piece. We’re developing the site map for Crossroads Cote D’Azur web site. Two full days of good work–the kind of work that helps us to feel like this thing called church planting is on a forward, dynamic trajectory!

In the midst of the busyness, I hear a faint calling. The Holy Spirit beckons me to relationship. I can hear His voice, but it seems so far away. Ever feel that way? There are times His voice is so faint, the whisper dies a bit as I walk away content in my busyness, forgetting to strain to hear. There are other times where His whispers make me long for Him. Today I’m longing.

Longing just to drink a cup of tea with just a pen and notebook, a worn Bible and a listening heart. He is the fuel that ignites my passion for life; pulling away from that hectic life is what I need to refuel. Just for an hour. Or a day. Or 24 hours of solitude.

But the clock is ticking. Tasks are waiting. Children need me. Life makes its demands.

I’ll settle today for His smile. And a knowing deep inside that His grace is enough. That He loves me whether I’m busy or quiet, and deep relationship is merely a breath of a prayer away.

Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha.