I’ve been looking at everything wrong

Apr 14, 2010Find joy today, Heal from the past

Recently I had the privilege of hearing Charlie Peacock teach at Mount Hermon. I loved what he had to say about art and the movement of our world, so much so that I picked up his book At The Crossroads, his magnum opus about CCM (Contemporary Christian Music). Fascinating, enlightening book. As a closet singer, and a lover of music, I so appreciate his heart and mind.

And then I read this gem:

“In truth, the idea that any element of God’s creation–be it music or a tree–has to do something in order to justify its existence has more to do with capitalism, consumerism, and marketing than with the doctrine of creation” (p. 104).

This turned my world upside down. Why? Because my whole life I’ve (wrongly) felt that in order to justify my existence on earth, I had to do things. To perform. To be perfect. To do everything right. And if I didn’t (which happens every. single. day), I felt I had to reason to be here.

But that’s looking at creation (me) as a commodity, not as a created being. It’s assigning worth based on my intrinsic value to produce, to fill holes, to do things.

It’s not true.

It’s not true.

It’s not true.

As much as I’ve entrenched this idea way deep into my DNA, it’s not true that I must live up to standards or be super cool to earn my keep here. I simply must be. To revel in being a creation, dearly loved by Jesus, sacrificed for, graced unconditionally.

I am not a product.

I do not need to market me to prove my worth to others.

I am too valuable to be consumed.

I wonder how much my mindset about everything is tainted by a consumeristic mindset. I wonder if I view others as things to be had instead of people to be loved. I wonder why I’ve lacked in grace for myself when I didn’t perform up to standards.

What if I’m just loved? Right now. Right here. For no other reason than I am a creation who breathes, laughs, weeps, rejoices, hollers, loves?

It may take me a while, but I’m liking the sound of these words: I don’t have to justify the space I take up on earth any more.