It’s time to gather and get rid of isolation!

Jan 14, 2013Heal from the past


I believe isolation is Satan’s greatest weapon against the Christian. If he can isolate us, he wins. And if we let all our hurts turn us into an angry elf, we’ll lose out on the opportunity to have a joyful life.

(in)courage has created something really cool that will help with this terrible isolation. It’s the (in)rl meet up. Watch this video to learn more. The cool thing: I’m on this video! What a surprise! I truly had no idea.

Last year, I hosted an (in)rl gathering in my home. It went really well, though admittedly a bit scary since I didn’t know most of the women coming. Lord willing, I’ll host again. Why? Because the content was so rich, and I know the meeting had a huge impact on the women who came (including me).


The WHY:

About: (in)RL was born out of two years spent listening to women in the comments at (in)courage craving local, real life community. Derived from the social media acronym “IRL” or “in real life,” (in)RL is an invitation to share what we’ve learned about community and encourage women with stories and suggestions for connecting deeper in real life.


Think of it as a FREE girl’s weekend away that doesn’t require packing or plane tickets, where women can kick off any expectation of perfect, set aside their fears, their shyness, their worry that they’re not good enough, and find some of Jesus’ words of rest woven into every video shared here.



The (in)RL webcast kicks off on Friday, April 26 and (in)RL meetups follow on Saturday, April 27.


Last year we explored the nitty gritty of community. This year we’re taking a closer look at what it takes to stay rooted in community when sometimes just walking away would be so much easier and tons more convenient. Women share stories of how they’ve chosen to stay through hard marriages, challenging parenting, worthwhile friendships. How choosing to stay has freed them more fully and unexpectedly than if they’d cut and run.