It’s been nearly a year now

Jul 30, 2005Family Uncaged

The following is an excerpt from our recent prayer letter. If you’d like to sign up for it, let me know by sending me an email from my website.

It’s been such a hard year in France, but I’m amazed to say this year is nearly to a close. On August 6th, we’ll be here ONE year. In some ways this year has felt like ten years. In others, it’s felt like just a few months. But God has been utterly good to us. Yes, we have felt like quitting. Yes, the tensions and the spiritual warfare have been so thick, we couldn’t see straight. Yes, our team has had struggles. Yes, our children have cried rivers. Yes, we’ve felt the weight of weariness.

But, God.

But, God chose to take us through to show us it isn’t about us. That it’s all about His river inside us, drawing thirsty people to Himself. It’s about our weakness and His strength. It’s about His power when ours has sputtered and died. It’s about His glory, even when we try to live for our own.

I feel like we’ve been torn, stripped, dissected, and crushed. To use a wine analogy: you can’t make wine without first pulverizing the grapes. God can’t make us wine-like, with lovely bouquet and inviting taste if we’re not crushed first. In that crushing, God does something completely new, transforming us from single grapes to a community of wine.

We’ve seen the beauty of this on our team. We’re in re-launching mode, and God is mixing us together to be a new community. For the first time in several months, we are hopeful. And our team is thriving. God gets the glory for that.

All the glory.