Infectious skin diseases

Feb 22, 2009Heal from the past

So I’m reading through Leviticus right now and I’m stuck in the infectious skin disease cycle where it talks about the priests looking at everyone’s icky rashes and declaring them unclean or clean. It doesn’t seem like a fun job to me. (Maybe this is why I am not a dermatologist.) But then I read about the folks who are unclean, how they have to declare it, how they have to stay outside the camp.

Then, my mind drifted to Jesus who dared to look beyond the label UNCLEAN and reach His holy hand to touch lepers. Imagine not being touched for many years, only to have the God of the Universe reach out and touch you, essentially declaring you unclean. But then your skin transforms utterly. Your nerves do their firing. Your skin becomes a baby’s. And you’re utterly changed.

I love Jesus for doing that.

I have often felt outside the camp. I have raised my eyes, but not my voice, afraid to tell the truth of my uncleanliness. But He sees all that inner wrestling. He sees my despair. He holds His holy hand to me, rescues me from banishment, and gently pulls me into His family. I love that about Jesus.

Once I was far, far away. Now I am near. All because of Him.

Once I was cut off; now I am unsevered, connected, like a vine to its roots.

These are His gifts to me: inclusivity, community, new beauty, hope.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!