Impatience and the glasses lady

Oct 30, 2008Archive

I’ve been crabby lately as highlighted in this post. This morning on my run, all my impatience flew up before me. I couldn’t wait to get home and apologize to my kids. “I’m so sorry I’ve been grumpy,” I told each one. “Will you forgive me?” They did. And a weight lifted.

But now I’m thinking about the temporary worker at the eye glasses place who I was snippy with. She didn’t normally work there; she was filling in from another store. She helped me patiently while I browsed for new eyewear. Then I shopped, came back for my eye appointment (with an optometrist next door), and returned to place my final order. She was waiting on another lady.

Ten minutes passed. Fifteen. Of course there were no other employees in the place. I waited for just a simple bit of eye contact, or a “I”ll get to you soon.” None of that happened. So I got snippy. I interrupted her, looking at my watch (oh how important I am!) and said, “Excuse me. Do you know how much longer it’ll be?”

She assured me she’d be done soon, which she was. I ended our time together in polite conversation. But today as I look back on it, I think I really missed a holy moment. A beautiful opportunity. I could have asked her about herself. Where she worked normally. If she had children. I could’ve engaged in her story. Instead I viewed her as an obstacle to get through on a busy day.

People are more important than time. People are more important than things. People are more important than my agenda.

Oh dear Lord, forgive me for objectifying this lady, for viewing her as an obstacle rather than a dearly loved child of Yours. Help me to engage better, to rely on Your patience instead of my own. Forgive me for my snippy-ness, my impatience, my addiction to getting things done in my timing. Help me be alive in this moment with whomever You place in front of me. Forgive me. Forgive me.