I’m Just Askin’: Why are people hard on themselves?

Feb 12, 2008Archive

So I know I am hard on myself. Very much so. Once my husband said, “If I treated you the way you treated you, I’d kick me out.”

My protagonist in my next novel is hard on himself too, and he doesn’t seem to change or get it. He needs to get it. He needs to grow. (I do too.)

Here’s your assignment. What’s your theory about why people have bad self-talk (stuff like, “you shouldn’t have done that” or “why can’t you get it right?” or “you’ll never overcome this.”) Why are folks so hard on themselves?

And if you were one of those people and are now blissfully joyful and happy and content with who you are, how did you change? Did a light come on one day and you knew? Was it gradual? Did someone help you see the error of your ways?

I’m just askin’.