I’m Back!

Mar 25, 2005Family Uncaged

I’m back!

After two grueling but wonderful weeks in the US, I am back on French soil, elated to see my husband and children. What a wonderful gift they all are to me. Isn’t God good?

In Texas, I spoke around a dozen times to groups in our church, updating folks on our lives in France. It was such a blessing to know so many are praying for us. In many ways, the love of the people at Lakepointe has been overwhelming. THANK YOU to all my Lakepointe friends and to all the friends I connected with in Dallas! We could not walk day-by-day in France without your prayers. Thanks also for all the Tex Mex food!! Corn tortillas rock!

I had my first ever book signing at the Lakepointe bookstore. They sold out! They had to fill orders! It was such a fun time, particularly because many of you showed up and I had the privilege of hugging you.

Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s conference was wonderful, mainly because I connected with dear friends and made some new ones. Since I was teaching in the mornings and critiquing at night and in the afternoons, I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to attend many of the sessions, nor did I have a spare moment. Still, my time there was terrific. I brought two proposals and one fiction project and there was interest for all three.

Between Dallas and Mount Hermon, my friend Rita drove up from LA to spend the day with me. We had a terrific time. The Lord knew I needed a day of rest and was dear to send Rita to me. We went in a Borders Bookstore in San Jose. “Let’s find your book,” Rita said. Until that time, I had never seen my book on a store shelf (at the Lakepointe store, I never bothered to find it!). So, we looked but couldn’t find it. Rita encouraged me to ask the sales clerk.

“We have one more in stock. Looks like we had others, but they must’ve sold.” She located the book and handed it to me. I smiled.

Rita told the clerk, “That is HER book,” and pointed to me. The clerk asked me to sign it and placed an “autographed copy” sticker on the book. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, that writing a book is like birthing a baby, but since I had been in France at the release of Ordinary Mom, Extroardinary God, I had yet to “hold” it in the “hospital.” What a surprise to see it in a Border’s store!

I spent a too-short day with my friend Sandi in Dallas before hopping on yet another plane. In line was the wife of a DTS professor! She had been praying for her seatmate, which became me after we switched seats! What a delight to share the long journey with Kathy Burns. We even had the same layover time in Frankfurt.

So, God is good. I can see His hand tracing through the entire journey. I slept at night. I didn’t get sick. I connected with several folks. I was blessed beyond mention to be prayed for on many occassions, particularly a wonderful man at Mount Hermon from Africa who prayed prayers that rocked the heavenlies.

To all of you who prayed: thank you. To all of you who hugged me: thank you. Though I had very little margin during this trip, I am grateful the Lord went before, beside and behind me.