I want to be an adventurous Christian

Jun 11, 2009Write!

I read Hope Rising on the plane and during quiet moments at Write to Publish last week. And in many ways, it changed my perspective on my own life. Crawling into Kim Meeder’s heart felt like jumping into an adventurer.

The story? Kim and her husband bought some over-used over-mined land in Oregon with a dream. What eventually unfolded was Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, a place where the Meeders rescued, nurtured, and brought back to life battered horses and ponies. And in the process, they’ve invited battered and broken children to help them.

As the children help the horses heal, their own lives intersect that healing, and they emerge more whole, more healed.

The book is a series of vignettes, chronicling many stories of horses and children in need of renewal. I cried several times during this book, touched by the beauty of redemption and God’s surprising way He chooses to do His redeeming.

But what struck me most was Kim’s spirit. How she viewed life as an amazing adventure, how she burst with empathy for anyone or any beast that suffered. Her spirit, her love for Jesus, her determination to bless others oozes out of this book in an invitational way. Reading her words made me want to see life through her adventure-eyes, not passing up daily moments of eternal significance, but stopping, then reveling in them. I want to be more of a people noticer, an observer of those in pain, one who prays.

So if these are qualities you admire and would like to cultivate, I suggest you read this book. It’s winsome, beautiful, and full of hope–that even the most abused can emerge whole.