I received my #pic4year in the mail!

Jan 19, 2012Heal from the past

A few weeks ago I wrote about having a picture for the year. It’s been heartening to see you prayerfully seeking a picture.

As you might remember, my picture was lilacs in full, amazing bloom. They symbolize for me abundance and new, fragrant life.

Several days ago, I sent in my photo to Canvas People, my go-to folks for really cool canvas prints. They still offered an 8×10 for free, so I uploaded the lilacs pic, and waited.

My picture came in the mail this week! Want to see it?

Right now it sits on my desk, but I’m thinking of hanging it up in my office eye level so I can remember what it represents to me. As you may have gathered from some of my recent posts, I’m under several pressing deadlines right now and I’m fighting to keep my joy.

So if you’d like a tangible representation of your picture of the year and want to canvas-ize it. Here’s a click-through coupon so you can get it free: