I need your help.

Apr 29, 2015Find joy today

I am realizing that “live uncaged” or “your life, uncaged” is a great brand, but it’s not specific. It’s a bit abstract. Yes, you can picture a bird flying from a cage, and hopefully you can imagine yourself soaring like that, but I need your help defining exactly what that means in a feet-to-the-earth, tangible sense.

In short, what does it mean for you to live an uncaged life, and how have I helped YOU to get to that place? Would you take a quick moment to answer these 6 questions? It would really help me figure out how I can be more clear and better serve you.

Thank you in advance.

And if you feel led, would you be willing to share a bit about whether this ministry has helped you find freedom? Just a few sentences will do in the comments section below. I continue to battle discouragement and would love to see that what I’ve been pursuing and chasing and pouring my life into has had some fruit.

Yes, yes, Jesus truly sparks me on, but sometimes we just need a little human encouragement.