I need your help with a title

Oct 31, 2011Write!

I have handed in a nonfiction book recently, and we are working on the title. Here’s the gist of the book:

As I’ve pondered my own growth journey and mined the pathways of growing, thriving Christians, I’ve realized something. Some folks grow like crazy while others stagnate. George Barna delineates this exploration. “Some people reach the ultimate stages of wholeness and maturity within just a couple of decades while others failed to achieve such maturity after more than five decades of consistent religious activity and positive intent.” What accounts for maturity, the hallmark of growth? Why do some stagnate while others thrive?

So the book is about how to grow exponentially, how not to stagnate in your faith. It’s about what makes an irresistible, infectious believer. And the underlying message of the book is this: we don’t grow because we love control more than we love Jesus.

So with that as the backdrop, here are some of our ideas:

  • Grow Like Crazy
  • Momentum
  • Continuum
  • Exponential

We’re not married to these titles, and we would really love your ideas. So in the comments section, please let me know which title grabs you and seems to fit the scope of the book. And if none of them do, share your amazing title ideas! Thank you!