I need prayer

May 24, 2013Archive


Currently, I’m in South Africa! Johannesburg to be exact, teaching at the Beauty for Ashes conference. The last time I was in South Africa was for the Cape Town 2010 conference, which rocked my world. You can read about it here.

I’d so appreciate your prayers this weekend. Today I teach a mini conference about writing, all day long. I’d so appreciate your prayers for stamina and clarity. . On Saturday I teach at 8:30 and 11:00.

My friend Heidi is my assistant this week, so please pray for her and for her family while she’s away. Pray for my kids too. Sophie is in Hungary while I’m in Africa, and Aidan and Julia are finishing up their freshman and junior years of high school. My husband will be off to a medical conference in the midst of all that too. So prayers would be so very appreciated.

Any word I say, any person I listen to, any prayer I pray is empowered by your prayers on my behalf. Pray I’d be invigorated, bold, open, and persevering. Pray my messages would zing to the heart. And pray many would be blessed. Pray God would enlarge my heart, that I would learn to believe Him for bigger Kingdom things, that I would be faithful to say and do what He shows me.

Thank you for praying. I so appreciate it. The women in South Africa thank you! Look for a post in a bit with pictures from my trip.