I made a book page wreath. You can too!

Dec 31, 2010Family Uncaged

When I saw this Pottery Barn book pages wreath, I fell in like. Big like. So I decided to make my own. Here’s my step-by-step process in case you want to copy me.

First, I bought an old Pinocchio book at Half Priced Books for a dollar. Then I purchased a foam wreath core. I made sure I had scissors, hot glue, a hot glue gun, and fingers ready to be burned. (I always burn my fingers). Here’s the part that makes the author in me squirm. I used my rotary cutter to cut out the pages of the poor book. Ouch. Librarians, please avert your eyes!

After I covered the wreath core with pages, I rolled book pages one by one, then stapled them toward the bottom. I bent the roll over, then glued it onto the back of the wreath. Then I repeated that process with the front of the wreath. Below are some of the pages I created for the middle of the wreath (I needed to cut the ends of the pages to splay outward both ways to keep the pages sticking out properly.

This is what the wreath looked like almost finished. I had finished the back and front, but hadn’t placed the middle pieces in.

To finish, I strung a fat, turquoise ribbon through it, then mounted the wreath in front of the mirror on my dining room.

Here’s the finished project. I promise, you can do this too. Total cost? About $9.00 + a few burned fingers.