I love justice. I don’t love nits.

Oct 12, 2004Family Uncaged, Find joy today

We were singing “Did you feel the mountains tremble” the other night. The whole family was worshipping around the television–something weird and new for us in France. Our church back in Dallas sent us DVDs of services we’ve missed, so we were worshipping along with our friends, months and miles apart. Until we plant a church here, this is one way we are gathering to worship the Lord as a family.

In the middle of the song is a line about dancers dancing upon injustice.

Julia piped in, “I love justice.”

I agreed with her. After having some of her experiences at school, I can imagine why she believes in it. The cafeteria ladies yell at her and berate her for not eating her food. Her teacher grabbed her little blonde head once. Julia was gazing out the window as the French teacher rambled on and on in a language she didn’t understand. When she later recounted the incident, Julia said, “Mommy, I was just looking out the window because our home was that way. I wanted to see our home.” The teacher grabbed her head, wrenched it toward her desk and forced her head toward her work. Julia came home with a neck ache and a heart bent toward justice.

Aidan probably loves justice too. Today a boy in his class called him a name I can’t print here, told him his picture of a preying mantis was bad and that he was a stupid kid.

Sophie today had a girl who she used to call friend ridicule her in French. Sophie had fallen on the long jump and had the breath knocked out of her. She was crying and her friend said, “Look at that English speaker crying.” Another girl asked where. She pointed to Sophie and said, “That thing–over there.” Ahhhh, how I long for justice!

So, like Julia, I love justice. My initial reaction to these incidences has been to call down fire upon these folks! But, as I reflect, pray, and take a few breaths, I realize that Jesus is and will be the Holder of Justice. My job (and the difficult job of my children) is to love those who persecute us.

Tonight we prayed for Aidan and Sophie’s friends (I use the term loosely) and Julia’s teacher. We prayed for them to be lights for their friends and teachers and prayed that somehow, some way these poor, broken people would come to know Jesus.

On another note, please pray for our youngest two children–there is lice going around their school. Please pray they’d be protected. (Why did God make lice?)

Ruminating on justice and nits,