I just don’t know what to say….

Feb 23, 2009Write!

My friend Rachelle Gardner nominated me (oh, and that guy Michael Hyatt) for an award. She wrote:

If you read Michael Hyatt’s blog or Twitter posts, you’ve probably noticed he frequently refers to his zero-inbox status. Awhile back he wrote a blog post on how to stay on top of email, and occasionally he Tweets about it. My good friend Mary DeMuth also regales Twitter friends with her own zero-inbox status, and to tell you the truth, the both of them drive me plum crazy. So today I’d like to present both Mary and Mike with the above “Inbox=Zero” award, from Nerd Merit Badges.com. Congratulations Mary and Mike!

I’m back. All I can say is THANKS! As one who receives hundreds (I’m not exaggerating) emails a day, most of which need to be read and processed and responded to, this award warms the cockles of my heart. (I’m not sure what cockles are, but they are warmed.)

How about you? How do you tame the email tiger?