How you suffer MATTERS

Nov 23, 2012Heal from the past

I wrote this to my friend Twilla who is battling cancer right now. She is the epitome of suffering well, of loving Jesus despite the pain and uncertainty. I pray this blesses you too.

What happens when you suffer alone? Does it matter? I found the answer in Joni Earekson Tada’s book, When God Weeps.

She speaks of John who seems to be suffering alone.

“Something dynamic and electrifying is abuzz in John’s room, filling the air, agitating the atmosphere around and above his home. Angels, along with powers and principalities in the heavenly realms, are watching, listening, and learning. People may not be noticing John, but the spiritual world is. Angels–even demons–are intensely interested in the thoughts and affections of every human being.” p. 107

The point is, even when you feel alone and you wonder why all this suffering is going on, you can rest in knowing that your silent praise and the way you live your life in the midst of the struggle is making the powers of darkness MAD and making the angels in heaven nod and smile.

If you ever come to that place in the middle of the night where you wonder if your suffering makes a difference, please know it does. It has eternal significance in the kingdom.

Make those demons mad.

And inspire those angels to dance.