How to make Crepes in 5 Easy Steps

Nov 30, 2011Family Uncaged

My friend Heidi, who along with her husband Mike, is a missionary in Mexico, asked me yesterday how to make crepes. So I wrote back and told her I’d write a post about it and share the link with her. This morning I grabbed my iphone, sauntered into my kitchen, and made myself crepes for breakfast. All in all it took about 6 minutes. Not hard. I promise.

I learned how to make crepes through trial and error (and I learned before I moved to France). The key is to make sure the batter is the consistency of syrup, thinner than pancake batter and runny (but not as runny as pure milk). Pouring them into an already hot pan (I use the high setting on a gas cooktop) that’s been sprayed with cooking spray helps add success. Learning when to turn them is another issue, but if you’re patient and wait for all the wetness of the crepe to dry, you’re in good shape. If you wait long enough, flipping is not hard. And once you flip, the crepe stays on the pan just a few seconds before you remove it and make another one.

When I’m making these for my family, I have two pans running simultaneously. Yeah, I’m a bit crazy.

This recipe will make enough crepes for a family of five.

Step 1: Gather and Mix ingredients:

2 cups all purpose flour

5 eggs

2 Tbs melted butter

2 cups milk

1/4 tsp. salt

I like to combine these in a blender or my cuisinart because you really need the ingredients to liquify and have absolutely no lumps. You can also do this with a hand blender. Once they’re mixed, place the liquid in a large measuring cup with a spout so it’s easier to pour the batter.

Step 2: Pour a dollop of batter into the center of a nonstick pan that’s been sprayed with cooking spray. Be sure the pan is hot before you do this.

Chef’s Catalog has some really nice pans on sale right now if you’re interested.

Step 3. This is the tricky part! As soon as you put the dollop in, tilt the pan in a slow, circular motion so all the batter reaches the edge of the pan.

You have to lift the pan above the burner to do this. Set it back down and wait.

Step 4: Flip.

Before you do this, make sure the sheen on the top of the crepe is gone. You can take a plastic spatula and peek underneath. It should be browned and happy looking.

Step 5: Adorn your crepes with yumminess.

If you really want these crepes to be authentically French, Nutella is called for. It’s a chocolate hazelnut spread that is pure, unadulterated deliciousness. Amazon has a good sale on Nutella here. On the other half of the crepe, spread berries (raspberries are amazing) or really good low sugar jam. I like E. D. Smith jam which we buy at Costco. Here’s a variety pack that looks super good. By the way, that caddy behind my plate full of deliciousness is only $9 bucks at Dayspring right now. So cool!

Some other ideas for innards: fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar, butter with cinnamon and powdered sugar, fresh fruit with whipped cream, chocolate ganache (to make: 1 c. chocolate chips, 1 tsp. butter, 3 Tbs. heavy cream, 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Place in microwave and heat in 30 second intervals, stirring each time until fully melted), orange marmalade, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Since these crepes have no sugar in them, you can also use this recipe for savory crepes and fill them with mushrooms in wine sauce. Yum!

Once you’re done with your toppings, roll up your crepe like a tortilla, and…