How Life is Like Yard Crashers

Nov 19, 2012Heal from the past

I’ve come to realize life is like Yard Crashers, the HGTV show where the host Ahmed Hassan looks for home improvement folks at big box stores who have a yard in need of love. If someone is willing to take a risk and trust Ahmed and his camera crew, the result is a backyard paradise.

But so many people think he’s crazy. They rebuff him, walk away, give wary looks, and sometimes freak out. They don’t realize that he’s their ticket to nirvana in the back yard.

This made me think that life is a lot like Yard Crashers.

Opportunities come our way all the time. But we tend to be risk avoidant. Living a safe and guarded life will keep you “safe,” but it won’t allow for surprises and great growth.

You have to take a risk. You have to trust. Even if the opportunity scares you. In Everything, I wrote, “God created us for adventure, not ease.” He wants to push us out of the nest of complacency and safety. Not to harm us, but to force us to fly, to discover our freedom.

If we do things we’ve always done, never venturing out, we will never grow. And we’ll miss so much.

The benefits only come after we dare to take a risk. It’s either that or you can have a safe risk free life and not experience blessing. Which would you prefer?

A doldrum life or a thrilling one? A boring  yard or a spectacular one? The payoff comes after that risky first step.