How is Your Entrance?

Jun 7, 2013Archive


“Your entrance looks so inviting,” a Facebook friend wrote. She referred to a picture I’d posted about my front door. I spent that weekend sanding, cleaning, then painting my black front door to a fiery, joyful, hilarious red. The new door is a metaphor to a life of invitation, a year of choosing relationships.

I wonder how many people will walk through its threshold this year, how many people will share our table, how we will be changed by the new and old relationships in our lives.

It’s interesting to me that Jesus calls himself the door. The way. The avenue to God and to ultimate relationship. Maybe all of us should paint our front doors as a reminder of the gateway of Jesus. And if we’re scared, we can always just turn to our Doorway, Jesus. He sure knew how to love people.

So how’s your entrance? Not just to your home, but to your life? Do you have walls? A chain link fence? Barbed wire? Or are you invitational, winsome, irresistible? In a few months, my book The Wall Around Your Heart will release.

I just got the ARC (advance reader copy) in the mail. Isn’t it pretty?


My prayer for this book (just like my red, red door) would be an entrance into a new life for you, an openhearted you.